Help Destigmatize Disease in Your Workplace


Taking Stigma out of Digestive Disease

One in five Americans cope with painful and often-embarrassing digestive disease symptoms. To improve quality of life in and out of the office, employers need ways to talk about this sensitive subject and bring solutions to light.

Learn how to handle stigmatized diseases with dignity and respect.

What's covered:

  • The reasons why it’s so hard to talk openly about digestive issues
  • Tactics to start conversations and offer symptom management solutions
  • How reducing stigma can promote inclusivity and help develop a trust-based culture
  • An actionable ”talking points” checklist

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Our Speakers


Paul Elsass

SVP of Commerce at Vivante Health, host for this virtual event

Susan Staggs, PhD

Health Psychologist, specializing in stigmatized diseases and reducing stigma

Nichol Oliverio

VP of Client Success, helping employers better engage employees in their digital health solutions

Vivante Health is improving outcomes of all digestive conditions by forging personalized care and driving value for our members and their employers.

"I’ve had a fantastic experience. Thank you for doing what you’re doing. I wouldn’t have reached out to get this kind of help without my employer paying for it because it would be too expensive. I have severe GI issues and I’m so happy to have this opportunity."

—GIThrive User

"Implementation has really been a pleasure. Our CSM is very professional and always prepared ahead of schedule. He took care of all the details and did all the work. All we really had to do was show up for the calls."

– Mary McPartland
Operations Manager, Reta Trust, Gallagher Benefit Services of California Insurance Services

"With advice and support from my team, I’m learning about my condition, my trigger foods and how to minimize flare ups. I’m so very grateful for the help and support."

—GIThrive User