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Learn exactly how much of your health claims spend goes to digestive conditions 

Most employers don't know how much they're spending on digestive disease.

Many digestive conditions and symptoms are hidden behind various diagnostic codes, and prescriptions for these diseases are often prescribed off-label, further obscuring the disease cost.

We'll review your health claims data and reveal exactly how much you've been spending on this group of diseases.

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A Multidisciplinary Approach to Gut Health


Grounded in clinical and cutting edge science, our holistic program supplements and maximizes your member’s care plan to prevent costly flare-ups and reduce dependence on specialty drugs.


Gut health and mental health have been shown to be strongly linked. Our behavioral health experts work one-on-one with your members to reduce the impacts of GI conditions on their work and personal lives.


Built around your members’ food preferences, we provide personalized food recommendations based on their actual diet and body’s responses to those foods.


Grounded in behavioral psychology, we offer a rich library of educational articles and resources. Your members will be able to navigate their way through self-paced, interactive courses when and where it’s convenient for them.